Deana Matić


The luxury housing renovation project in an urban villa "Modern Beauty" located in a residential location with sea view by the elite hotel Le Meridien, owned by former model and photo model with international experience, lies in the bold internal organization of space through a continuous promenade of new stories that take us through the house, certain design elements, equipment and furniture that give the definition of program areas, all in a single order of serene simplicity of interiors, but an active dialogue between the institutions set up setting / arrangement.


Piece of equipment designed specifically for this project in the manner of reviving classic decor, so this project represents a fusion of architecture, design, interiors and product design, resulting in a simple sophisticated apartment where every part perfectly designed space.


The flat is compact layout, divided into three thematic sections: the entrance area with wardrobe, then the living room with dining room and kitchen in a free, fluid open plan, and sleeping tract.


Spatial Unity is achieved by dimensioning of spatial sequences, bold and thorough succession of functions of one another along the common threads linking them form. One of the important characteristics of the flat framing views of the continuity that has successfully achieved design space.

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