Deana Matić

2005 : APARTMENT K, Salata, Zagreb


In this apartment, located in Salata, a beautiful neighborhood in Zagreb, I was guided to a great desire tenure for the overall adaptation of the apartment and kind of life, which is an advantage and a challenge. And to accommodate all functional areas of the apartment with the new needs of owners who are looking after a long working life to pull in more peaceful life, but also to escape from the old way of life full of classic and antique items of museum value, buried books and paintings, in a brand new modern minimalist interior life, gave me a new impetus. Creative Design silvery gray kitchen with glass walls, dining and ice, you should bring into the source of light in people's lives by then surrounded by dark wood and brown tones of the "serious flat" top intellectuals. All books and many photos placed in a special library-study, and divided the children and grandchildren. Maintaining restored table with chairs and a beautiful chest of drawers in the living room, the only contact with the classical past, and memories, created by the contrast in the area of modern aspect. Game lightweight metals in and glass in the kitchen decorative otherwise. This area and the living room playing with a checkered striped sofas and carpets, and plasma television on the stand, giving a sense of free spirit, and youthful energy, and an interior that is not shocked owners.


Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Salata Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Salata_dining Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Salata_kitchen Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Salata_living Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Salata_view

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